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Wallets are among the popular accessories of daily life. Just as the use of the wallet is important, the shape and design of the wallet is also very important. Wallet designs are preferred according to the combination of the day or according to taste. Wallets are among the common accessories that both men and women are interested in. There are many factors to consider when choosing a wallet. Luxury wallet products offer many alternatives accordingly. These designs, which are suitable for both women and men, have a rich product range and colors and patterns suitable for everyday use. It can be preferred as a card holder and wallet as an indispensable part of daily life and special times. Luxury wallet models are the choice of many people in daily life and on special occasions. These vary within themselves according to animal skins and sizes. Python skin and crocodile skin are among the most preferred models. Different colors of python skin and crocodile skin models also offer a wide range. It covers colors such as yellow, black, brown, blue, green. These colors vary and in fact, each product is unique. The preferred leathers create different geometrical elements and become unique. Classic wallet models are also diversified with the skins of animals such as ostrich and stingray. In different models, the products are shaped especially according to the leather. Luxury wallet models can be long wallets as well as smaller versions. There are also vertical wallets and horizontal wallets. Vertical wallet models and horizontal wallet models have the brand in the middle and complete the stylish look. Personalized leather wallet products also have different prices. Here, factors such as the size of the product and the skin of the animal are effective. Python Skin, Crocodile Skin, Ostrich, Stingray, Snake Skin Wallet, Credit Card Holder, Long Wallet, Vertical Wallet, Classic Wallet Models.Personalized Leather Wallet