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Apple Watch products, which are among the luxury phone accessories, are known as a product that makes daily life easier. Apple Watch, a product of watch technology that makes life easier, makes it possible to be stylish with its different models and designs. Apple Watch products differ from standard forms with their different features. These products have a much more elegant and luxurious appearance with their varieties such as gold plated, silver plated and gold rose. Along with these, there is also the Apple Watch carbon model. These products, which are the case of the watch, do not actually cover the watch itself. Apple Watch case products include only cords in luxury phone accessories. Animal skin is used in Apple Watch case products, which offer different product alternatives. The skins used in Apple Watch cases are from different animals. Crocodile skin is used in cords as an interesting leather. The colors used in crocodile leather watch strap models are also different. A more vivid image is obtained with different colors such as black and green. Python leather watch strap is also one of the strap models used and different colors are offered. In addition to animal skin, different materials are also used in my Apple Watch case products. Gold-plated Apple Watch is a widely preferred product, and there are also silver and gold rose options. These are real materials and integrate with the watch. It is produced for use in different models such as real gold Apple Watch 6. 24 carat gold plating is preferred for gold, silver and gold rose products. The products are suitable for Apple Watch 6 and 7 models and can also be produced for different models. Luxury Apple Watch Case , 24k Gold Apple Watch , Crocodile Apple Watch Band , Python Apple Watch Band , Leather Watch Band