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It contains many products in the clothing category. The clothing category includes shoes, jackets, gloves, masks and hats. Clothing products are one of the most remarkable elements that make you look good in daily life. The shoes, which draw attention among the clothing products, also have a variety of slippers. Slippers designed from leather offer a stylish and elegant look. There are different models for both men and women. Although crocodile and python skin is dense, different animal skins also attract attention. Leather shoes, which are among the luxury clothing products, become personalized with their very original designs. Because every leather has a unique appearance and is designed with different colors. Shoes, which are among the clothing products, appeal to different usage areas and styles such as classic and boots. Jackets, which are among clothing products, stand out with both summer and winter leather models. Python skin jacket is one of them and it diversifies for both men and women. In addition, the crocodile leather jacket is one of the most prominent models. The products, which also attract attention with their ostrich leather jacket models, can be suitable for everyone's taste with their classic and driver style. Not only these, there are also glove products. Gloves, which differ from each other as classic and driver models, can be made in different sizes and complete the stylish look. There are python leather gloves, as well as different models such as crocodile and ostrich. Clothing products are not limited to these, but there are also masks and hats. The variety of styles in mask and hat models made from animal skins makes it possible for both men and women to prefer the products. The variety in clothing products is increasing day by day and different colors are seen together with different animal skins.