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Airpods, which are among the popular technological accessories of recent years, facilitate a large part of daily life. Especially with the decrease in the use of wired headphones, wireless headphones have become common. In order to store these headphones and prevent them from being lost, the case they are put in is as interesting as the Airpods. With this product group, also known as luxury phone accessories, Airpods are safely in their cases. Products, also known as Airpods cases, can have stylish and attractive images. Airpods case products, which are among the luxury phone accessories of our brand, are obtained from different materials. Animals show diversity in Airpods case products, especially when animal skin is used extensively. Python and crocodile skins are of particular interest. This is accompanied by ostrich, leopard and even lizard. At the same time, different colors attract attention among luxury phone accessories. There are different color alternatives such as blue, green, yellow, white and black. This variety of colors seen in Airpods case products covers the opening and closing part of the case and the entire outer chamber. In this way, the design also creates a unity. Alternatives are offered for Airpods 1 2 3 and Pro models produced with luxury leathers. In other words, it is possible to use it in more than one model, not for a single model. The python and crocodile skin Airpods case, which is heavily preferred, makes daily life more stylish and lively with its rich color options. There is also a logo on the Airpods case and it is possible to choose colors in these logos. Thus, it is possible to make Airpods case products special design. In the Airpods case, only the case product is sold, and the Airpods itself is not included in this price. Airpods 1 2 3 and Pro Models Produced with Luxury Leathers, Python and Crocodile Skin Airpods Case