Genuine Leather Wallets, Shoes, Jackets, Luxury Accessories

Hakiki deri cüzdan, çanta

Genuine Leather Leather Wallets 

Our wallets produced with Italian special production genuine crocodile, python, snake, iguana, lizard, stingray, ostrich leathers It will provide you with a unique accessory experience. You will make a difference with luxury wallets that we can produce for you. You can check our very special leather products and contact us.

Long Wallet , Vertical Wallet , Classic Wallet , Passport Wallet 

Leather Jacket and Shoes 

Our jackets, which we produce with the most luxurious leathers of the world (Crocodile, Python, Snake, Ostrich), are produced according to your exact measurements. Write or call us for our customizable jackets! 

Genuine Leather Wallets, Shoes, Jackets, Luxury Accessories

Leather Accessories

You will make a difference! You will make a difference and attract attention with these unique leathers. Cites certified crocodile leather, python leather, snake leather, iguana leather, ostrich leather airpods case, key chain, money clip, apple watch straps, watch bands are waiting for you. 

Luxury Leather Bags 

You can check out travel bags, laptop bags, handbags, backpacks, shoulder bags and many models on our website or on the mhiraje instagram page.

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